Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grace Valley Farm's Cutest Lamb Contest - 2012

Each year at our farm, we select the cutest lamb! The lamb maintains the title for that specific year. In previous years our family has selected the winner; however, in recent years we have allowed our readers to vote on the cutest lamb! This year we will again open the contest to all who wish to vote. The contest will run April 28th through May 26th. It's okay to involve your friends and family in this contest for the cutest lamb! When the winner has been selected, we will announce him/her.
The six nominees for the 2012 Cutest Lamb Contest are listed below.
Reasons to vote for Fa'Lisa:
-she was a precious little package when she was first born
-she is named after one of our sweet friends

Reasons to vote for Farmer:
-he is handsome, very white and oh so fluffy
-he was proclaimed " very cute" just moments after birth

 Reasons to vote for Festus:
-he has very cute, white-rimmed ears
-his color pattern and coat of wool are most unique

Reasons to vote for Fern:
-she has the cutest, most unique, white beard
-cuteness runs in her genes ... her sister Elizabeth was the winner last year and her mother Bluebell was the winner in 2008

Reasons to vote for Fred:
-he has a perfectly cute face and the fluffiest ears
-he was proclaimed to be the "cutest lamb" by two of our family members

Reasons to vote for Frito:
-he has the biggest ears we have ever seen on a young lamb
-his black eyes and other black trimmings make him stand out in the crowd

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Additions to the Orchard

The orchard at Grace Valley Farms is once again being expanded! So far this spring, we have added 2 plum trees, 2 pear trees, 3 apples trees, and one cherry tree.
Doug digs a hole for a new fruit tree. The soil was nice and soft after the recent rain showers.
We purchased some new trees from C & O Nursery.

Ben waters a newly planted tree.

One of our new apple trees - an early-ripening Fuji.

Ben and his puppies, Ruger, Abby, and Bullet, take a break from tree planting.

Abby, our German Shepherd puppy, is now 8 months old.

A new Superior plum tree.

Spring has sprung! The Underwood plum tree we planted last year is blooming!

The pastures are turning green and the sheep will soon be able to graze on the fresh, tender grass.

"The hay appeareth, and the tender grass showeth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered.  The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field." - Proverbs 27: 25-26

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Field Trip to Grace Valley Farms

We enjoyed a visit from a group of school children taking an educational field trip. They came out to learn about farm animals and see the new lambs.  School teachers and a number of parents accompanied the students!

Diana put on a show for the group! She delivered her babies just before the children arrived. Her second lamb was born just seconds before they stepped in the barn.

Diana's twins are Fife (13 lbs. 1 oz.) and Fennel (10 lbs. 11 oz.).

After everyone admired Diana and her twins, the children got to bottle-feed Fiona and Francine.

 Ellie got to feed Fiona her bottle of milk.

 Abby feeding Francine her bottle.

Melody got to feed Francine too.

 Deena wasn't sure she liked all the excitement.

 Mackenzie holding Fiesta

Baby Elias and his mommy came on the field trip too. He was quite intrigued by the lambs.

Baby Elias petting Farmer.

 Emily helping Abby hold Fido the lamb.

 Simon got to hold Fido too.

After everyone finished studying the younger lambs in the barn, we moved outside to see the older lambs.

Flora and Fa'Lisa.

 Sally spoke to the children about the lambs and answered any questions they had.

The cows came over to greet our visitors.

 Ginger came over to the fence to enjoy the lovin' from the children.

Thanks for coming out and visiting Grace Valley Farms!  It's a good way to learn about farming and our Nation's food and fiber supply.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Watch Us Grow!

Our spring lambs are busy jumping, running, eating, sleeping, and growing! So far we have 71 lambs with more on the way! Enjoy some pictures of our growing babies!
Farley takes a nap on his mommy, Dale.
Clarabelle and Ferdinand
A pack of lambs run and jump while their mothers are eating.
Napping lambs
Ben holding Fiona

Doug and Florence
Falcon rests his head on his mommy, Daffodil, while he takes a nap.
 Fredrick is resting in front of them.
Clarabelle and her two lambs, Ferdinand and Faraday.

More Birth Announcements

  Fern (11 lbs. 1 oz) and Fran (10lbs. 14 oz) were born on March 11th. Bluebell is the proud mommy of these beautiful girls!

Florida joined our flock early in the morning on March 15th. 
She weighed in at 15 lbs. 3 oz. Her mother is Cecelia.

 Charity delivered twins on March 15th. Their names are Felicia (12 lbs. 12 oz.) and Floyd (13 lbs. 12 oz.).

 Celeste gave birth to a handsome set of twins on March 17th. 
Franchesca (11 lbs. 3 oz.) is the black ewe lamb and Farmer (10 lbs. 12 oz.) is the white ram lamb.

Celeste's Farmer is a very cute lamb! He will be one of the nominees in this year's Cutest Lamb Contest! 

Frappuccino was born on March 18th. She weighed (9 lbs. 15 oz.). Her mother is Dove and her father is Jack. Frappuccino is beautifully variegated. She should have excellent wool qualities as both her mother and father have remarkable fleeces.

 Curlianne also delivered on March 18th. Her lambs are Fromberg (black - 9 lbs. 13 oz.) and Fido (white - 10 lbs.)