Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Is Here!

After a beautiful, long fall, winter has finally arrived. This morning we awoke to find a nice blanket of snow on the ground. With more snow and below zero temperatures forecasted for our area, we set to work preparing the animals quarters for cold weather.

Even though we have plenty of shelter in the barn for all the sheep, most of them prefer to stay out in the snow!

Bernie chose to stay outside

Dora chose the barn

Edison and his flock of girls munch on fresh hay while Benjamin carries a bale of straw into their shed.

Spreading fresh straw in the sheep sheds.

Emily carries extra straw back to the barn for later use. 

Blossom prepares to go out to pasture.

Our flock of sheep meander out to pasture. Even with the fresh snow, the sheep know how to find plenty to eat.

Carrots, Parsnips, & Potatoes

The last of the garden is now harvested! Our root crops were still in the ground, so we dug them up just before the ground froze.

Ben and Doug sort through the carrots and parsnips.

The orange carrot harvest.  

Ruger (our lab puppy) admires the red carrots.

Ben displays our two largest parsnips. Together they weighed almost 4.5 pounds!

Purple, red, and gold potatoes.

Our Yukon Gold potato harvest.

Flowering kale 

After harvest, Benjamin relaxes with two of our dogs, Rocket and Ruger.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daniel, a Lawn-Mowing Sheep!

One day while the lambs were in the barn, we noticed something unusual. Upon closer observation, we saw that there was a sheep standing on our riding lawnmower. The mower happened to be in the barn at the same time the lambs were, and Daniel had decided to try out the mower.

Normally the sheep mow our grass by eating the grass. Daniel, however, wanted to drive the lawnmower.


Daniel attempts to drive the lawn mower while his friend Dixon waits for his turn.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sheep May Safely Graze

Our sheep have been enjoying their green pastures. They go out to graze in the morning and come in at night with big, fat bellies!

Foreman (foreground) takes a rest from grazing while Corinna, Caramel, and Belvedere munch on grass in the backgraound.


Charity, Cathy, Rachel, and Blossom (foreground)
Annie and Curlianne (lying down)

Christina likes to eat the sanfoin in our pasture.

Heather, Cathy, and Charity

Meet a young spinner!

One of our sweet customers sent us a few pictures of herself and her grandson Graham spinning Betsy's wool. Graham wanted to learn how to spin so Grandma began instructing him.
Grandma teaching Graham how to spin. 

After a little bit of learning, Graham takes over and starts spinning. 

"Look, I did it!"
Here, Betsy's wool was spun into yarn. The little skein in the upper left-hand corner is Graham's skein. The big skeins are Grandmas.

This is Betsy's 2010 fleece, the one being spun in the photos.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garden-Fresh Tomatoes

After being out of state for a couple weeks, we returned home and found our garden overflowing with tomatoes. We picked tomatoes for half a day and still didn't get all the ripe ones!

The island in our kitchen was covered with tasty-looking tomatoes!

In the spring we had planted several varieties of tomatoes. Here you can see the yellow Lemon Boy, red Beefstake, an orange heriloom variety, plus smaller plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

We also had an additional box of red cherry tomatoes and orange heirloom cherries.

The big orange tomatoes were very meaty. 

A tomato with a nose!

After we assessed our tomato situation, we quickly set to work canning and preserving our tomato harvest.  

Emily strring the hot tomato juice just before canning.

The hot jars are filled with tomato juice. 

Sally cleans the rim of each jar just before applying the lid.

Canned tomato juice with fresh, home-grown parsley.  
The orange and yellow tomatoes give the juice a lighter-colored cast.

We experimented with making homeade ketchup for the first time. Here the ketchup simmers with its spice ball, shortly before canning.

The ladies also canned homeade pizza and spaghetti sauce.

We are very grateful to our God for blessing us with this healthy and colorful harvest!