Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback for 2013 Fleeces

Clarabelle's fleece just arrived, and you are so right - it is GORGEOUS!  Thank you!  I cleaned some locks, and they are so pretty lustrous white.  I'm looking forward to combing and creating with them. -D. K. – Minnesota


I just wanted to send a note to say how pleased I am with Autumn's fleece. So silky! Such beautiful colors - I was happily surprised by the variation in color, from light silver to dark grey. And so incredibly clean! I haven't been able to find even a speck of grass. The wool is a pure joy to work with. Thank you so much; you can be sure that you'll be my first call the next time I'm in the market for Romney! – E. H. – California
I've only had a chance to spin up a little of Emily’s skirting but it is beautiful!  I’m so glad you offered it as well. – J. M. – Iowa
I would like to let you know that the fleeces arrived in good order a couple days ago.  I have washed up Delilah's fleece, and Boy is it gorgeous!  I can't wait to get to the other two also!  Thanks for the wonderful wool! – H. K. – New Hampshire
The fleeces arrived last night. We don't have mail delivery in our small town, so I left work earlier after getting a notice in my box. I am just thrilled, Doug! They are all just beautiful! I have about a billion creative ideas. The gift packaging was the icing on the cake.

I've washed several locks from each fleece and they are all beautiful. I'm thinking about knit lace for some of Evangeline's fleece, a fuzzy warm sweater for Dinah with Bernie's wool for cuffs and collar, and variegated sweaters for the lambs. – R. C. – California


The box has been opened and I'm watching the contents grow :).  Have a handful {Desibelle’s Fleece} in the wash right now, but thinking about trying to spin a little in the grease.  Haven't spun in the grease before, but this fleece is sooooo clean. – T. H. – Alabama

Customer Feedback for 2012 Fleeces

Easton’s fleece is sooo beautiful--I know why it won 2nd place--Simply Stunning!! Can't wait to spin it!!--Thank you again soo much for offering Fleeces to us Spinners & Fiber Enthusiasts,--Love it! – P. R. – Nevada

Thanks so much. I am excited to get to work with Carmen's fleece. I am fairly new to spinning and am working my way through different breeds just to see how they work up. My first big lesson was looking for a coated animal and paying the difference! : ) – J. M. – Iowa

It (Romney Roving) came today and is so lovely I wanted to change my bobbin and start spinning. – A. C. – Rhode Island


The fleece is here already!   I took out a couple handfuls and washed it is WHITE!!  - R. H. – Minnesota

Customer Feedback for 2011 Fleeces

"I am like a child full of anticipation when I know I am about to open a box from Grace Valley Farms. I know I'm going to carefully cut open the box, but then just like watching a child open a birthday present, I begin to open faster and faster to get to the inside packaging.

The first fleece I bought was Berkman's 2009 coat. I knew from the beginning of my first purchase I had met am amazing family of Shepherds. I loved their website with scripture and Bible principles. I truly felt I had found a new and amazing pathway to a long friendship.

Back to the box... I saw tissue paper, ribbon, a picture of the sheep and a letter about the "ways of Grace Valley Farms". AND THEN... the wonderful aroma of freshly shorn sheep came from the inner bag! I looked carefully at the locks and the staple length and felt the lanolin. What can I say…? I was in love.

Since purchasing the first fleece, I have added to my collection with many others from Grace Valley Farms. Not all have been washed and spun but I can tell you the excitement is still there every time I open "THAT BOX".

I have had an opportunity to see and buy fleece for other farms. They have not compared. The attention to EVERY detail the Meyers' perform from comforting the ewe with her lamb to the arrival of the extremely clean fleece to the customer ready to spin is outstanding!

I hope you all enjoy your TOP RATED FLEECE. It is a joy for me to spin fleece to yarn!"
-L.C. - Arkansas

"Extremely clean, no debris, very well skirted. It is such a pleasure to work with your fleeces. They are by far the cleanest, most beautiful fibers I have had the pleasure of working with and the colors are gorgeous. It was hard to pick one so I decided not to limit myself. When you shear next year, I will be back. Thank you." - D.W. - New York


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Darby's fleece. I love everything about it...the color, staple length, texture, the way it smells...everything!!!" - D.W. - New York


"I received Danielle’s fleece on Wednesday! What can I say? Wow! Wow! Wow!! Super beautiful and I can’t wait to start cleaning it and prepping it to spin!!  Thanks again!"
- M.F. - Arizona

"Just wanted you to know that Cinnamon's roving arrived safely yesterday. It's beautiful! I'm going to enjoy spinning it! Thanks very much." - M.C. - California
"I just opened the box and am very excited to start spinning the fleece. They are BEAUTIFUL and will make some great variegated yarn." - N.W. - Michigan
"Your fleeces are incredible!!! The colors, length, and hand are wonderful and the quality...exceptional. I would highly recommend your fibers to hand spinners who are looking for the best. Please keep me on your list come shearing time. Thank you."
- D.W. - New York
[Foreman's] fleece arrived today! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands in it. - M.S. - Ohio
"Yippee!!! My wonderful fleece arrived today. Love my pictures. You are the best. So excited !!!!!  Thank you !!!"  -  J.D. - Georgia
"Belvedere's fleece was delivered to our doorstep yesterday afternoon. I especially
appreciated that you included her photo, as well as a lovely picture of you and your family. Thanks so much, Looking forward to some enjoyable hours of fiber prep." -
M.C. - California

"Daisy's fleece arrived today.  It's beautiful!  Thank you." - B. L. - California

My box arrived this [morning]. When y'all said a white fleece, y'all meant WHITE!!!!  I loved the variegated too. I'm going to try and wash it keeping the integrity of the locks together.  I want to try (one day) to make a variegated
yarn that is all natural with the coloration just as the sheep grew it.  Beautiful fleeces as always and I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for all you and your family does.  Please pass on my words of thanks to all.  I love all y'alls fleeces, I only wish I could remember the names as well as you do.
- P.P. - Georgia

Customer Feedback for 2010 Fleeces (from private sales)

"I received my fleeces Sat.--and they are Spectacular!--I had to fight the urge to start spinning them right away --and wait until I get back ... I truly will have something to look forward to upon return. Give Clarabelle and Annie special attention today--(and tell them they are VERY, VERY, GOOD GIRLS and to GROW ME MORE!)"

P.R. - Nevada

  "I received the fleece when I returned from Alaska. What a wonderful package. I love the staple length and the cleanliness of the fleece. I have only done a small amount on a drop spindle so far. It makes a wonderful soft yarn and can be spun from lace to bulky weight without a problem. It is a joy to spin in the grease and I can't wait to get some washed and play with it. I will be sending you some pictures of things I make with the fiber and can't wait for next year's offerings."

  "I will be using some of the yarn to design a shawl to remind me of at the wonderful animals that gave their fleece to help keep me warm. I will also be designing a pair of socks using the natural colors to show how magnificent natural can be. I hope you are happy with my designs and they help you in your endeavor to provide such a wonderful fiber for the fiber artists of our country."

N.W. - Michigan


"Just a short note to let you know the fleeces arrived just fine. I couldn't wait to try Carolyn's out so I just spun up some with a drop spindle in the greese and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you and your family so much for these fine fleeces."

-P. P. - Georgia


"Bernie's fleece arrived today. It is every bit as gorgeous as last year's fleece. Thanks so much for taking the care and time to provide us spinners with a quality product. I'll be in touch with my requests for next year's clip!"

-M.M. - Montana


"Belle's fleece arrived yesterday! I'm in awe. It is SO GORGEOUS!! Really, it's going to be a joy to process and spin! I've already made plans for what the finished yarn will become! I was so excited when I opened the bag and took my first look at the fleece that I pulled a big lock off and brought it to work with me to admire. It's such a beautiful black with sparkles! While my co-workers don't understand the lure of sheep and wool, they certainly appreciate the finished product when it's spun and knitted!

Once again, thanks for allowing me the privilege of buying one of your Romney fleeces, they are superior in every way! "

-M.F. - Arizona

"I just wanted you to know that Foreman's fleece arrived today and I'm thrilled.
It is just beautiful and is already in the hot water bath for washing. I can't wait to spin on it.

Thank you and your staff for a superb product and professionalism. I love the picture you sent me for my file. It helps me keep up with "who grew what" referencing in the future.
Many, many thanks again."

-P. P. - Georgia

"I received Bluebell's fleece today. The color, the crimp, the length of the locks and the overall condition of the fleece--WOW!! It's simply breathtaking. I could spin it right out of the box but I'm going to restrain myself and wash out the lanolin first. I loved my last fleece (Carrie's) and this one is even better. Thank you so much. Thank Bluebell for me, too. You all have really spoiled me.

I'm a happy spinner!
P.S. I love the classy presentation with the photo. What a nice memento. "

-P. G. -Maryland

Customer Feedback for 2009 Fleeces (from eBay auctions)

I LOVE IT! I couldn't have personally chosen a better fleece at any show. WOW - P.P. - Georgia

Beautiful fleece, exceptional color, texture and very clean, presented nicely. - D.H. - Connecticut

The care of your sheep shows in each step from shearing to delivery. THANK YOU!! - L.C. - Arkansas

Just what I expected from this seller, the highest grade of raw wool. I love it. - P.P. - Georgia


Absolutely beautiful fleece and the service was outstanding. - S.W. - Minnesota

Wow! Some of the cleanest and most gorgeous fleece I've bought on Ebay!! +++++++. - M.F. - Arizona

Customer Feedback for 2008 Fleeces (from eBay auctions)

The best Romney that I have spun will buy from again better than described A++. - M.O. - Alaska

Clean soft crimpy raw fleece as described; fast shipping; great experience+++++. - B.L. - California

Absolutely the finest sheep fleece and Customer Service offered!! A BIG thank U! - L.C. - Arkansas

EXCEPTIONALLY GORGEOUS fleece. Excellent quality in all ways. Thank you! - B.R. - Washington

I've been spinning for 30 years - this fleece is perfect! Fast shipping. HOORAY! - R.C. - California

LOVELY gray fleece!! Your sheep are beautiful! This Seller rates GOLD stars! - L.C. - Arkansas

Gorgeous and clean fleece, fast delivery and packaged like a Christmas present. - L.N. - California

Exquisite Amazing Fleece; I may never buy from anyone else. Thanks, Doug, Sally. - P.G. - Maryland