Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome, Jack and Edgar!

Grace Valley Farms recently welcomed two new rams, Jack and Edgar, from Tawanda Farms in California. 

Doug unloads Jack from our truck.

Jack is a yearling registered Romney ram. He will be breeding with the majority of our ewes this year.

Edgar is a registered Romney ram lamb. Since he was born this spring, we won't be using him in breeding until next year.

Both of these boys have special genetics as they are recessively colored Romneys. We are looking forward to the new gray, blue, and sliver color patterns they will bring to our flock.

Our First Honeycrisp Apple!

Our first honeycrisp apple was recently harvested from the orchard! Since our trees are still very young, we only had about 5 mature honeycrisp apples.

Even though the apple was still a little green, it was beautiful when we sliced it open. We are looking forward to more apples next year!

The Gourd Harvest From Our Garden

This year marked our best gourd harvest ever! The various shapes and colors were spectacular.

This spring, Benjamin selected some amazing varieties of gourds to grow.

The gourds grew in many differnet shapes, sizes, and colors.

As in past years, we sold the majority of our harvest to a nearby store. In this picture the gourds are all washed, boxed, and loaded in our vehicle for delivery.