Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Adventures in the Grand Tetons!

Our family was blessed to be able to go on a recent camping trip in Grand Teton National Park. 

We camped near the shores of Jackson Lake. This is the beautiful sunset we saw from our campground.

Canoeing on String Lake

The view from Signal Mountain.

Visiting Hidden Falls

Canoeing on the Snake River.

We are grateful to special friends who watched the farm so we could go on a short vacation. They did an excellent job caring for the animals, the garden, and our property. Thank you for your service to our family!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. - Psalm 19:1

New Listing on Etsy!

Darla's fleece is now for sale on Etsy!

 Her locks are soft and lustrous with distinct crimp.
Darla's fleece weighs 4 pounds but will be divided into 1 pound lots.

Price per pound: $20 (shipping extra) .  The top picture is the washed sample;  the bottom picture is the unwashed wool sample.

Click here to view the Etsy listing.

A Bumper Hay Crop!

Our farm was blessed with a bountiful hay crop this year!

Even though our area has received little rain, we have had plenty of irrigation water for our fields. The grass was tall and lush.

We had a total of 573 small square bales ...

... and 94 large round bales.

We had excellent hay baling weather... hot and dry!

Ben and his friend Steve used our bale wagon to pick up the small square bales.
The bale wagon saved us the back-breaking work of picking all the hay up by hand.

Ben worked hard to get the bales off the field and stack them in our hay yard. 

 Stacking the hay.

Our hay crop was so large we will be able to sell our surplus to area farmers who are in need of extra hay.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

You're Chicken!

Grace Valley Farm is now home to fifteen chickens!

 Our chicks stayed indoors with a heat lamb on them until they were big enough to go outside.

 We renovated the old chicken coop and moved it to a new location.

 After the chickens got bigger, we moved them outdoors to the chicken coop.

     Our chickens are growing nicely and we are looking forward to farm-fresh eggs later this year!