BueLingo Beef Cattle

BueLingo Beef Cattle

Yearling Bull FOR SALE!

Registered Bull calf for sale
Orion of Shooting Star
Birth Date: May 25, 2014
Current Weight: 850 pounds



Sire: Ribeye of Logan
Dam: Shooting Star of DBA

Grace Valley Farms features a small herd of BueLingo beef cattle. We selected the BueLingo breed for its ability to produce superior beef from a grass-only diet. Other qualities include their gentle disposition, mothering abilities, birthing ease, and feed conversion efficiency. We also enjoy the distinctive and attractive white “belt”.  Within our herd of “Oreo Cows” are several registered females.

All-Natural Grass-fed Beef for Sale
Studies have shown cattle are healthiest when fed a diet rich in  long-stemmed grass. Our BueLingo steers do not receive grain during their time at Grace Valley Farms; only hay and pasture. With their vibrant health, the use of antibiotics is not needed. Hormones are also not used. Although our cattle develop slower on grass and without hormones, we believe they produce a superior-flavored beef. Our customers indicate they enjoy the rich, full flavor of grass-fed beef and appreciate a drug-free product.