Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wool Prediction Photos for 2010 Shearing

To give you a more definitive idea of what to expect from our upcoming 2010 shearing, we have posted recent photos of wool-under-the-coat for our Romney and Romney-cross sheep. You can see the photos by clicking on the sheep's name in the list to the right.  Each member has two sample photos of the fleece after the coat has been removed: (1) outside appearance of the fleece, and (2) parted wool. The captions for the photos also give information on predicted staple length ranges (at the February 2010 shearing) and a description of the color ranges.

The outside appearance pics show the color which can be expected on the outside ¼ to ½-inch of the fibers. You can also see the presence of the soft nubbins on the lambs.  An example is shown below, from our lamb, Cathy.  You can see the Moorit (true brown) tendencies she inherited from her mother, Carrie.

Outside Appearance of Cathy's Fleece

The parted wool photos reveal the predominant color(s) ranges for each sheep. Also reflected in these pictures are the extent of crimping and waviness. Although difficult to pick up in photos, some of the shots will give you an idea of the luster, too.  Here's an example of Bluebell's parted wool.  Her color is a striking black with silver threads.

Bluebell's Parted Wool

As we examined the wool from our flock members, we were pleased to see and feel the beauty, variety, and softness. It is especially gratifying to see the quality of Edison’s wool being passed on to his lambs. Some of the lambs may even be surpassing their father!

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.  For your reference, unless otherwise indicated, the sheep in the photos are all full-blooded Romney.

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Lisa Curton said...

I have really enjoyed looking at ALL the photos. Great job showing so many views. I'll keep watching for new ones as each of their coats get longer. Lisa