Friday, October 22, 2010

We're Growing Wool!

The sheep at our farm have been busy these days... eating green grass and growing beautiful wool! We've had very pleasant fall weather this year so the grass is still quite green.

Autumn (foreground) and her friends take a break from grazing to get their picture taken.

Clarabelle (L) and Corinna (R) both have outstanding wool. Clarabelle is uniquely colored (silver-gray wool with honey-colored tips) and has a very long staple length.

Clover, one of our Romney-Hampshire cross ewes.

Brooke and Cathy

Murphy, one of our guardian llamas, keeps watch over his flock of sheep. His job is to protect his girls from a dog or coyote attack.

Murphy is devoted to his sheep and they look to him as their leader.

It is breeding time at Grace Valley Farms and this is Foreman, our white ram, with his group of girls.

Foreman has around 25 girls this year so he is a happy ram these days!

Happy Fall from our farm to you!

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stringplayer said...

Thanks for introducing Murphy. He's a handsome llama.