Monday, April 25, 2011

Clover's Spotted Lambs

Clover gave birth to unusual looking lambs this year.  Why...??

The answer ... last fall during breeding season, one of the neighbor's rams jumped over our fence and into the pasture where our ewes were grazing.  He quickly bred Clover before we were able to remove him from the flock.  The neighbor's ram was a Suffolk and Clover is a Hampshire-Romney cross.  This means that her lambs are 1/2 Suffolk, 1/4 Romney, and 1/4 Hampshire.  This interesting combination of sheep breeds has resulted in unusual-looking lambs!

Evan is gray with black spots.  His twin, Elliott, is white with black markings and spots.  
Benjamin holding Elliott and Evan. These two lambs are healthy and full of life. It is a joy to watch them as they play and run with the other lambs.

Evan - 12lbs.
Elliott - 13lbs. 5 oz.

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Anonymous said...

Our Minister Eric and his wife Hillary at our church have two little boys and their names are Elliot and Evan. Isn't that fun? They aren't twins though, like Clover's boys. Lisa