Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Additions to Grace Valley Farms Orchard

As you may recall from last Spring, we started the Grace Valley Farms Orchard. We continued to
add to it this Spring.

Benjamin prepares to plant a Honeycrisp apple tree.

We planted 16 new fruit trees:   3 Honeycrisp apple trees, 1 Honeygold apple tree, 1 Spartan apple tree, 1 Bartlett pear tree, 2 Comice pear trees, 2 Summercrisp pear tress, 1 Underwood plum tree, 1 Sweet Black Tartarian cherry tree, 2 Meteor tart cherry trees, and 2 Montmomercy cherry trees.

Doug and Benjamin secure a protective cage.

One of the Comice pear trees was blooming.

The fruit trees were planted along our driveway.

The fruit trees are beginning to bud out. Spring is here!

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