Thursday, June 9, 2011

Introducing Grace Valley Farms 2011 Cutest Lamb Contest

Each year at our farm, we select the cutest lamb! The lamb maintains the title for that specific year. In previous years, our family has selected the winner; however, last year we allowed our readers to vote on the cutest lamb! This year we will again open the contest to all who wish to vote. The contest will run June 11th through July 9th. It's okay to involve your friends and family in this contest for the cutest lamb! When the winner has been selected, we will announce him/her.
The five nominees for the 2011 Cutest Lamb Contest are listed below.







Anonymous said...

Well, this isn't so easy to pick the cutest lamb. They're all cute!


lmtc55 said...

Exxon: "It was an honor just to be nominated."
Erwin: "Has anyone seen my Mom?"
Enoch: " I can change colors before your eyes."
Eileen: "I have the most beautiful markings, don't you think?"
Elizabeth: "I won, I won, I won!
(clearing my throat)I mean, WINNER!!"
lamb dialog translated by: Lisa