Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grace Valley Farms 2011 Garden

Our garden is a little behind this year due to our cool spring, but the summer heat is helping the plants catch up.  We once again covered our garden with plastic to keep the weeds down. We planted in slits that were cut in the platic. This is the third year we've used plastic to cover the garden.
We planted two varieties of sweet corn this year. Between the two varieties, there is a total of 400 feet of sweet corn.

Our pepper plants are still small, but they are blooming.

Tomatillo plants

The zucchini plants are blooming! Before long we will be swamped with zucchini.

This year we planted 39 tomato plants.

The potatoes are beautiful, lush, and green! We have 200 feet of potatoes.
The green beans are looking nice too!


The winter squash and gourd plants are growing rapidly.


The herb plants are still small. They are growing slowly and surely. Emily planted parsley and sweet basil.



Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon
 The plants are looking very healthy and we are looking forward to fresh, juicy melons!

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