Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome, Jack and Edgar!

Grace Valley Farms recently welcomed two new rams, Jack and Edgar, from Tawanda Farms in California. 

Doug unloads Jack from our truck.

Jack is a yearling registered Romney ram. He will be breeding with the majority of our ewes this year.

Edgar is a registered Romney ram lamb. Since he was born this spring, we won't be using him in breeding until next year.

Both of these boys have special genetics as they are recessively colored Romneys. We are looking forward to the new gray, blue, and sliver color patterns they will bring to our flock.


Lisa C. said...

I can't wait to see the fleeces with those wonderful new colors!
What does Edison think about you two? Sounds like an email is in order.
Miss Lisa

stringplayer said...

New shades of silver, blue and gray. It boggles the mind. Welcome to the new rams. Jack still looks like a youngster, but next to Edgar, he looks pretty grown up. This is pretty exciting! Could you tell us a little more about Edgar and Jack, and the recessive genes they exhibit?