Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abby Joins the Family

A cute, little puppy recently joined our family. Abby is a 10 week-old German Shepherd.

Benjamin and Abby

Benjamin and his three dogs, Ruger, Abby, and Bullet.

We've been looking for a suitable, long-haired German Shepherd female to be Bullet's wife.  Abby seems to be a perfect fit!


Anonymous said...

Oh look at Ruger smiling for the picture! Is Rocket just out of the picture? Abby must be so cute hopping around and getting aquainted with all the other animals. I need to hear stories. Lisa

stringplayer said...

Abby is such a cutie! She will be quite handsome when she grows up. I also noticed Ruger smiling. Looking forward to hearing about the new puppy.