Saturday, March 31, 2012

Autumn and Carmen's Story

  We have a unique story about Autumn and Carmen to share. On the evening of March 8th, Autumn delivered her lamb. Unfortunately the baby died at birth. Autumn was initially distraught over losing her lamb, but she soon began eating and seemed to forget about her lamb. The next day, Autumn started searching for her baby. We offered her another lamb to mother, but she wasn't interested. She wanted her lamb.

  A few hours later,Carmen went into labor and delivered twins. Shortly after her second lamb was born, we noticed Autumn standing at the door of the pen, talking to the second lamb. We decided to see if Autumn would accept Carmen's second lamb. We let Autumn in and right away she started licking and talking to Carmen's lamb;  she cared for it just like it was her newborn! Within minutes, Autumn had claimed Carmen's daughter. Carmen didn't seem to mind that her lamb was being cared for by another ewe. We separated the two ewes and gave each of them a lamb. Both ewes accepted their lambs and cared for them. Carmen has one of her babies to care for and Autumn now has a lamb to mother!

 Carmen and Folgers (12 lbs. 12 oz)

Autumn and Firefly (11 lbs.)

Both ewes continue to take excellent care of their lambs!  The lambs are growing normally and each mother is happy.

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lmtc55 said...

I am So happy for Autumn. Carmen certainly acted more maternal and sisterly than last year. Way to go Shepherds for loving your sheep "outside of the box"!