Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garden Goodies!

Our summer garden has been yielding delicious fruits and vegetables!
First a report from the melon patch ...

This week we picked a 30 pound red watermelon!  
It was ripe and very delicious!
A few days later a 31 pound orange-flesh watermelon was harvested. It was tasty as well!
This honeydew weighed 21 pounds!
In other garden news...
This spring we planted about 120 feet of green beans. We have already canned many batches of green beans.
This giant zucchini weighed in at almost 6 pounds!
We canned sweet gherkin pickles.
Our peppers are beautiful this year! We grew jalapeno, pablano, and anahiem peppers. Pictured here are pablano peppers.
This weekend we are making homeade spaghetti sauce for canning. Loaded with home-grown tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, this sauce will be a welcome treat when winter comes!

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