Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Snowy Morning ...

This weekend, a major winter storm hit our area. We received almost 6-inches of snow and the temperatures dropped below zero. When we came out to feed the sheep in the morning, we found many of them covered in fresh snow! Although we have provided shelter for the sheep to sleep in, most of them chose to sleep outside in the snow. Their thick wool coats shielded them from the cold, wind, and snow.  They presented comical appearances for us!



 Bluebell smiles for the photographer


 Hannah, Dove, Filly, and Evelyn spent some of the night under shelter

 DonnaLisa's bangs are iced up




Doris seems to be asking a question.

1 comment:

lmtc55 said...

Remember, no one can see Evelyn. She's hiding in her camo coat.
Doris is asking, "Do I have enough snow on my nose"?

What great personalities!