Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fleece Skirting Update

We just finished the initial skirting of our freshly-shorn Romney fleeces!  We've been excited to see and sort through all the beautiful fleeces. Overall, this year's crop is the best to date! The fleece's soft handle, shimmering luster, and beautiful crimp combines to make outstanding wool!  Some fleeces have such a "wow factor", we have difficulty finding words to describe them! 

Below is a sampling of some of our freshly-shorn fleeces.



Floyd (variegated)



We are currently cataloging and organizing the fleeces for sale. They should be released for sale within the next couple weeks.

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stringplayer said...

Oh my! They are BEAUTIFUL.

cassandra and zachary said...

Beautiful fleeces and wonderful photos! Excited to see upcoming posts.

lmtc55 said...

It is so exciting to see the pictures of the fabulous fleeces for 2013. I LOVE the new "G" names for the lambs.