Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grace Valley Farms Cutest Lamb Contest -2013

It is once again time for our Cutest Lamb Contest. Each year, our customers and friends select the cutest lamb!  To add to this year's fun, we have nominated a set of darling twins.

The contest will run June 6th through July 6th. We encourage you to involve your friends and family in this contest for the cutest lamb! You can place your vote by clicking the corresponding button on the left side bar. 

(UPDATE: There has been a slight glitch in the vote casting. You may need to vote twice in order to make your vote count. Thank you!) 
The nominees for our 2013 Cutest Lamb Contest are ...
-cute little black face
-loves her mommy
-has a little, lamb "baa" even though she is quite big now

Genevieve and Gretta
 -strikingly variegated twin ewe lambs 
-one of the nicest set of twin ewe lambs we've ever had

  -a cute, little pint of a lamb
- big fuzzy face
-has a hearty appetite and loves his hay

 -one of the most handsome lambs we've ever had born
-beautiful white, crimpy wool
-loves to have his neck and tummy petted

-cute white face with a black nose
-likes to be petted
-looks like a little lady

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