Thursday, March 27, 2014

Of Lambs and Wool

The past couple of months have been busy ones here on the farm. Winter hit our area with a particular vengeance, adding special challenges to lambing and daily chores. The snow has almost melted now and we are eagerly anticipating the coming of spring!

 This lambing season saw the arrival of nearly 90 lambs, with more yet to be born. 

The lambs are growing rapidly and chowing down on their hay.

Little lambs are getting their first homemade coats. These coats will help their little fleeces stay clean.

Speaking of wool ... we have been hard at work preparing fleeces for our customers. There were over 80 premium fleeces for sale this year!

Coming up, we will be posting updates on our 2014 lambs. Check back soon for birth announcements and pictures! 

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