Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Sheep Report

Grace Valley Farms' spring lambs have all arrived! We are enjoying more sleep as there is no longer a need to check on the mamas during the night.

Cinnamon had a set of big twins! Her boy was over 16 pounds and her ewe lamb was around 13 pounds!

Dorcas delivered our only set of triplets this year. They were all boys. One is white, one is black, and one is gray/variegated.

Her little white guy is rather cute!

Heather was the last to deliver. She finished us off with a nice set of twins.

The older lambs are growing rapidly and learning to eat hay and grain.

Dorcas and her triplets are doing well and have graduated to our big outside sheep pen.

Our biggest baby is Hannah's wether lamb

Many of the lambs have gotten their baby coats.

These little coats will help keep dirt and hay out of their wool. 

The grass has started turning green and we are looking forward to the flowers blooming and the trees budding out! 

Happy Spring!

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