Monday, May 31, 2010

Around The Farm

Saturday's are full days for our family! We keep busy all day with projects of various types. Here is a glimpse into some of our projects.

We started planting the cold weather crops in our garden a few weeks ago. A good portion of the vegetables have already come up! We covered the garden in large sections of black plastic to helps the ground stay warmer, to keep the weeds down, and also to help the soil hold moisture.

The sweet edible-pod peas are growing nicely! We planted 30 feet of peas so we are looking forward to tasty peas in a month or two!

Our lettuce row is growing and the little leaves look promising for future salads.

We planted four varieties of potatoes this year. So far they have sprouted nicely. The potatoes had a little set back one night when their tops frosted. As you can see, they have recovered!

The rhubarb plants have grown nice and tall this spring. Sally harvested numerous stalks and diced them to put in the freezer for future use.

New bushes were planted in front of our house on Saturday morning.

We planted Burning Bushes. The foliage will turn brilliant red in the fall!

We also planted a new tree in the front yard and finished the landscaping around the tree. A Honey Locust tree was selected for this location.

Ruger, our playful Lab, kept us entertained with his puppy antics!

While the people at the farm are busy working, the sheep are busy grazing! They love eating the long green grass that grows along our ditch banks.

Here is a picture of the beautiful white lamb wool Dixon is growing! His crimp is very defined and he already has an excellent staple length. Dixon is one of our Edison (grandfather)/Foreman (father) full-blood Romney lambs. So far we have been very pleased with these lambs! We are looking forward to seeing the finished fleece at shearing next year!

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stringplayer said...

Enjoy seeing all the plantings on the farm. Dixon's fleece looks beautiful, and Ruger is growing up right before our eyes. It's kind of funny, but just about all the photos of him show him with a poker face :-).