Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday, On The Farm!

Daniel (aka. Fuzz) poses for his picture after being weaned. He weighs over 60 pounds now! In addition to being really cute, his wool is spectacular!

Ben and his friend Dora the lamb.

Dora loves the massages that Ben gives her!

On Saturday we ear-tagged a few of our lambs. Some of the baby's ears are now big enough to support an adult-sized ear tag. In this photo Daffodil is getting her name tag.

Daffodil is set and ready to go!
Ben and Dixon just before Dixon got his name tag.

Dixon shows off his new Grace Valley Farms name tag!

Donard, winner of the Cutest Lamb Contest, weighed in at 68 pounds!

After working hard all day, Doug and Ben relaxed with a game of horseshoes.

Doug thought he had the game won...

... but Ben came from behind with two ringers to win the game!

Good night from Grace Valley Farms!

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