Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Is Here!

After a beautiful, long fall, winter has finally arrived. This morning we awoke to find a nice blanket of snow on the ground. With more snow and below zero temperatures forecasted for our area, we set to work preparing the animals quarters for cold weather.

Even though we have plenty of shelter in the barn for all the sheep, most of them prefer to stay out in the snow!

Bernie chose to stay outside

Dora chose the barn

Edison and his flock of girls munch on fresh hay while Benjamin carries a bale of straw into their shed.

Spreading fresh straw in the sheep sheds.

Emily carries extra straw back to the barn for later use. 

Blossom prepares to go out to pasture.

Our flock of sheep meander out to pasture. Even with the fresh snow, the sheep know how to find plenty to eat.


lmtc55 said...

WoW! What a change of weather. I love the snow blankets. It looks like everyone is taking it all in stride. I'm happy too see Edison with his girls. Thanks again and again for all the picture updates!Lisa

stringplayer said...

The snow must be a new experience for the lambs, though seeing the older sheep walking about in it must reassure them that it's safe. So fun to see Bernie and Blossom with snow on their faces and them not minding. Thanks for all the recent pics. What a bountiful harvest!


SarahLee said...

I'm enjoying catching up on the latest happenings on your farm, Emily! I can't believe how cold it is already there - we are just getting our first hard frosts here. Thanks for sharing the photos!
Wish you could have been there Saturday too: hopefully someday we can meet your family!!