Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garden-Fresh Tomatoes

After being out of state for a couple weeks, we returned home and found our garden overflowing with tomatoes. We picked tomatoes for half a day and still didn't get all the ripe ones!

The island in our kitchen was covered with tasty-looking tomatoes!

In the spring we had planted several varieties of tomatoes. Here you can see the yellow Lemon Boy, red Beefstake, an orange heriloom variety, plus smaller plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

We also had an additional box of red cherry tomatoes and orange heirloom cherries.

The big orange tomatoes were very meaty. 

A tomato with a nose!

After we assessed our tomato situation, we quickly set to work canning and preserving our tomato harvest.  

Emily strring the hot tomato juice just before canning.

The hot jars are filled with tomato juice. 

Sally cleans the rim of each jar just before applying the lid.

Canned tomato juice with fresh, home-grown parsley.  
The orange and yellow tomatoes give the juice a lighter-colored cast.

We experimented with making homeade ketchup for the first time. Here the ketchup simmers with its spice ball, shortly before canning.

The ladies also canned homeade pizza and spaghetti sauce.

We are very grateful to our God for blessing us with this healthy and colorful harvest!

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lmtc55 said...

This is awesome! Y'all are awesome! I've never seen such beautiful tomatos!!! What's the next harvest? Lisa