Saturday, February 12, 2011

After all the ewes were sheared, it was the ram's turn.  Here they are waiting for their coats to be removed.

Edison and Foreman, now with their coats off, move down the chute.

Edison went first.  Foreman tried to escape when Edison was taken out of the chute, but he didn't make it far;  Robert made a nice catch!

Edison being shorn.  He was a handful for the shearer.

Edison "haircut" is almost complete.  What a beautiful fleece!  Very soft for a ram.  Silvers with black strands and a uniform wavy crimp.  His skirted fleece finished out at 8 pounds!  We are very pleased to see the quality of his wool being reproduced in his offspring.

Edison gets his new, smaller coat put on.

Foreman being sheared.  Although larger and heavier than Edison, Foreman is more docile. 

Foreman's fleece on the skirting table.

Success! The last fleece is finished!

A sampling of our freshly-shorn Romney fleeces.
(Clockwise:  Celeste, Brooke, Clarabelle, and Dolly)

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