Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pre-Shearing Preparations

Preparations for our big Shearing Day, February 5th, started months in advance. Final preparations were made with the help of our friends, Pat and Lisa.  They came all the way from Arkansas!

Preparations in the Barn

Pat preparing the plywood used for the shearing floor.

Benjamin wipes dust off the panels of the sheep chute. This will help keep the wool on the sheep clean as they pass through the chute without their coats on.

Doug and Pat install a new gate in the barn.

Installing new legs for the skirting table.

All done! Doug and Pat admire their work.

Sally and Lisa wash off the skirting table so it will be nice and clean for the incoming fleeces.

The shearing floor, all clean and brightly lit.

Preparations in the House

Lisa repairs some of the sheep coats that are torn.

Sally prepares the vegetables for our big, post-shearing meal.

The chili simmers on the stove the day before. This recipe takes hours to prepare, allowing the complex, rich  flavors to blend and mellow.

Emily prepares the layers for her white and chocolate cake. This cake will serve as dessert for the hungry shearing crew.  The bottom and top were chocolate and the inside white ... we called it a BueLingo cake in honor of our BueLingo calves (black on both ends with a white band around the middle!)

The cake, all done and decorated!

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