Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grace Valley Farms 2012 Shearing

Shearing at Grace Valley Farms went exceptionally well this year! Since the number of our sheep has increased, shearing occurred over two days.We are grateful for all our friends who came out and helped us. The weather was beautiful for a January day in Montana.

The girls waiting to be sheared.

We were blessed with a skilled shearer this year. Karsten was gentle with the sheep and sheared them with care. Here he is shearing Diana

Two white Romney ewes move up the chute toward the shearing platform. Their coats are removed just before they enter the chute. 

A ewe waits her turn to be sheared.

Deborah is next in line for a haircut.

Elizabeth was harnessed in place at the head of the shearing chute. Why?  The incoming sheep will see another sheep up ahead in the chute (Elizabeth in this case) and go toward it. This is done to help the sheep feed smoothly up the chute. Elizabeth did an excellent job with her assignment!
Robert tried on a "sheep beard" 

 Karsten helping Keydon shear part of Elizabeth's fleece. Elizabeth was a very patient subject.

 Bullet, our German Shepherd, waited outside the gate while the sheep were being sheared. When Betty came to watch the shearing, he gave her numerous doggie kisses! 

The white sheep were sheared first and then we moved to the naturally colored girls.

Autumn and Evangeline wait outside for their turn to be sheared.

 Belle being shorn

 Elsie peeks over the edge of the sheep chute.
 Ashley and Betty watch the sheep being sheared.
It's Carolyn's turn for a haircut!

Lisa gives Elmira a hug.

The ladies worked inside our heated shop skirting the freshly shorn fleeces.

 The pile of fleeces after the sheep were sheared.

 The ewes all lined up eating after they were shorn.

After shearing was over, Ashley and Keydon practiced spinning some Romney wool on the spinning wheels.

We are currently in the process of sorting, photographing, and grading our fleeces. When they are all cataloged,  we'll post the fleeces on our website and release them for sale.

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stringplayer said...

What a busy day for everyone, and still time and energy to get some spinning in. It looks like everybody had a wonderful time.

Elizabeth seems to be calling out from her position at the head of the chute. She looks so grown up there, but while she's being sheared, she looks so little -- more like a lamb.

Always enjoy your pictures, and looking forward to seeing the fleeces and lambs.