Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our First Lamb of the Year!

 Cocoa delivered our first lamb of the year on January 31st.

"Fancy" weighed 11 lbs. 12 oz.

 Fancy was born on the pasture.  In this photo, Cocoa can be seen cleaning Fancy off.
 It was a warm, January day when Fancy was born.

 Dora (left) came over to check out the new baby. Cocoa wasn't happy with her intrusion and pushed her away.

 After Fancy was born, Cocoa suffered a prolapsed uterus.  We have been blessed to have gone 5 years without a prolapse in our flock. The vet was able to come right out and replace the prolapse. We inserted a special retainer and put a harness on Cocoa. She is doing very well after her ordeal and we have since removed the harness.

 We named the baby, Fancy, because of the special white markings on her flanks and tail.

A few days after Fancy's birth, Cocoa and Fancy look out the barn door as snow flurries fall.

This is our "F" year for lamb names. Every lamb's name will begin with the letter F.

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