Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Field Trip to Grace Valley Farms

A few days ago we had visitors from a local private school. The children and teacher came out for an educational field trip. They toured our farm and learned about the animals. 

 The children got to hold the baby lambs and learn more about sheep.

 Josiah holds baby Galileo.

 Benjamin shows a lamb to the children.

 Melody takes her turn holding Galileo.

 Abby got to hold Gentry.

 Shane was excited to hold his little bundle.

 Faith enjoyed holding Gifford.

 Gabe cuddled with Gentry.

 J.J got to hold Gentry, too!

After touring the sheep barn, the children checked the chicken coop for eggs. They found 5 colorful eggs!

 Benjamin took the school group on a ride around the farm. They also drove out to the field and checked on our BueLingo cattle.

 Thanks for coming by! We enjoyed your visit!

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stringplayer said...

What a fun day that must have been for everyone. So good of your family to take the time giving these children and adults a small glimpse into the workings of your farm. I'm sure it will be an experience they will remember for a very long time.