Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grace Valley Farms' 2013 Fleeces

Grace Valley Farms' fleeces for 2013 have now been released for ordering. These fleeces are available on first-come basis, i.e., whoever responds first for a specific fleece will get it.  If you wish to order a fleece from the 2013 Fleece List, please contact us.  

We believe you will not be disappointed with the quality of the remaining fleeces.  Prices vary depending on the quality factors such as staple length, color, perceived softness, lanolin content, staple strength, and other factors.  

The order in which we receive your email after 6 PM will determine who gets a specific fleece.  We would like your e-mail to specify the number of total fleeces you'd like and your order of preference.  You may wish to include more fleeces in your preference list than you would like to purchase, in case some of your choices are already spoken for.  When we receive your email, we'll work down your list and award the fleeces in order of your preference and based on which fleeces are still available.

 Thank you for considering Grace Valley Farms, Montana!  We want to be your supplier of premium Romney and Romney-cross wool products.  We look forward to your response!

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