Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Visit From the Folks at Tawanda Farm

We recently enjoyed a visit from our friends, Carol and Maggie, of Tawanda Farms in California. They brought four new sheep to our farm. The three white ewe lambs and the one ram lamb will bring excellent genetics to our farm. These lambs all come from solid lines of working Romney sheep.

 Geneva, Gladys, Graham, and Goldilocks.

We are excited to add Graham to our breeding program. His fleece is beautiful and fine, measuring approximately 30 microns.

All three of our ewe lambs carry solid white genetics.

It was great to spend time with Carol and Maggie, learning from their vast experience and expertise. At Grace Valley Farms, we are looking forward to expanding our business and offering more high-quality products to our customers. Keep your eyes open for new changes in the coming months!

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