Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Edison Departs Grace Valley Farms

Many of you know, Edison, our long-time flock ram. We purchased him from Pepper Hollow Farm back in 2006. 

He was a tremendous addition to our flock and fathered many lambs for us.

 His descendants have won many fleece awards, including 4 Reserve Grand Champion ribbons. Edison has added staple length, poundage, good handle, and luster to our fleeces.

Since most of our flock is related to Edison, it was time to bring in new genetics and say goodbye to our old friend. 

While Dee was here visiting us, she was able to locate a new owner for Edison in Iowa. The next day we got the paperwork ready and Edison headed to Iowa.

We will miss our friend, Edison, but are glad to know he is at a good home and will be fathering many more lambs. Edison now resides in Iowa. He is currently preparing for breeding time at his new home.

Goodbye Edison!


Patrick V Curton said...

Edison was indeed a tremendous flock ram, as the awards you mentioned indicate. As you know, Lisa and I have great affection for him, and will miss seeing and hugging on him in our future visits. We add our thanks to yours, and wish him a long, healthy and vigorous life in Iowa!

Pat and Lisa Curton

Lisa Curton said...

For some unknown reason I have a particular fondness for Edison. It may be the Christmas present(Edison's monogramed coat) my children gave me one year. It was fun that the Meyers' played along with our crazy ideas. I love the certificate I received.
It could be the newsy email invitations "typed" by Edison H. Meyer, or the times he let me walk right up to him for an attempted hug that turned into a pat.
Edison's picture has shown up on several T-Shirts of mine boasting his grand title of "Grace Valley Farms Chief Ram". I will miss seeing him, but know he has a new job in Iowa and will be a great asset to his new owners and their flock. Missing you already, Lisa