Friday, October 4, 2013

A Summer Trip

We recently enjoyed a visit from some long-time friends. It was nice to host them at our farm for a couple weeks. 

It was great to see them again and visit while we worked on projects around the farm.

We were able to take a short vacation down to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

It was fun to share the beauty of  Montana and Wyoming with them.

The steam rising from a geyser basin on a still morning was a most unique sight.

Old Faithful Geyser

Oxbow bend of the Snake River, Wyoming. 

Visiting String Lake 

Lake Jackson was stunning, as usual! 

The beauty of God's creation was all around us as we drove through the Grant Tetons. 

Back at the farm, all hands were on deck for garden harvest. We ate lots of watermelon, cantaloupe, and tomatoes during their visit.  

Tractor rides were enjoyed on Benjamin's John Deere.

What a wonderful time we had together! We thank God for special friends and the blessing they have been to us. 

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Lisa Curton said...

Benjamin, Is this your "new" tractor? I can't wait to hear the story!