Friday, October 11, 2013

October Snowstorm

This past weekend our area was hit with an early fall snowstorm. As a result of the storm, we were without power for a day and a half.

While we only had 4 inches of snow on the ground, other places near us received 2 feet of snow. 

The snow was very wet and heavy. It stuck to our electric fence wires and pulled them down. 

Since our power was out, we turned the sheep out to pasture to eat grass and snow. Sheep actually seem to like eating snow. The wet snow helped provide their need for water.

Darcy picks through the snow to find green grass below. 

Our animals did just fine during the snow storm. Their thick wool coats kept them warm and dry. 

Just across the border in South Dakota, thousands of cattle died during the storm. We are thankful that God spared us from major damage associated with this early fall storm. 

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Lisa Curton said...

I'm sorry about the power outage.
I just acquired a pair of Carhartt overalls! Ready for lambing!!!!!!