Saturday, December 28, 2013

Abby's Christmas Eve Delivery

Abby, our female German Shepherd, gave us a special Christmas gift! On Christmas Eve she delivered her first litter of puppies!

 She has been a great mother to her babies, carefully cleaning and watching over them. 

The little pups enjoy sleeping on Abby's legs.

Her litter consists of 9 males and 1 female.

 The pups look like little butterballs with fat tummies.

The puppies will be AKC registerable. 


Trish Gerhardt said...

I never liked German Shepherds much until my son rescued one from the streets of the town in which he was going to school. She is such a lovely girl and I've loved having her for my Granddog all these many years. Your Abby looks like a wonderful lady and I enjoy seeing the pix of her young brood. More as they grow, please.

I am presently finishing up a pair of socks from my last fleece (Was it Deborah's ?) and looking forward to spinning up some more of it.

Happy New Year to all of the Grace Valley Family!

Lisa C. said...

I love them already!

stringplayer said...

Ooooh, puppies! Congratulations to Abby on her healthy litter.