Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edison's 2010 - Coated Romney Fleece

Our naturally-colored flock ram is Edison. When he was a lamb, he produced a fleece which won Reserve Grand Champion at a noted wool competition. Edison is now five years old, and still producing wonderful wool.

For 2010, he produced this stunning fleece! For a mature ram, his wool is soft and fine with a beautiful luster!

Edison's 2010 Staple

Not only does Edison produce a nice fleece, we have been very pleased with these excellent traits passed on to his offspring. His lambs have been consistently producing wool staple lengths between 6 and 8 inches!

This photo of samples from last year's fleeces, demonstrates the wool traits Edison is introducing to our flock. The top sample is from Belvedere (mother), the middle is from Edison (father), and the bottom sample is from Blossom (daughter).

Our next featured fleece will be ... Autumn!


stringplayer said...

He looks so regal. And the fleece around his neck looks like a lion's mane. And...he has that little dot on his nose, tee-hee ;-)
So wonderful he's turning out to be a good sire.

lmtc55 said...

" Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!"
Lookin' Good, Edison!