Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sheep Kisses from Carolyn?

Ben and Carolyn

Carolyn is a very lovable girl! She was born last year to Heather, one of our full-blood Hampshire ewes. Carolyn and Heather share a similar personality ... both adore their shepherds and crave affection in return! When we kneel down to their level, they like to come close to our faces, to hear our voices, and enjoy a massage. Since she was a lamb, Carolyn has had the unusual ability of being able to unzip and then re-zip your jacket! She is a cutie and we love her!

Carolyn also has remarkable wool, with some of the characteristics from both her father Edison (registered Romney) and Heather. It is finer and softer than typical Romney but maintains much of the crimp and luster. The color is light-to-medium gray and gives a hint of lavender hues in the bright sun. Beautiful! We'll post more about her 2010 fleece at a later date.

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