Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heather's Lambs

Heather, one of our Hampshire ewes, delivered twin girls on March 4th. She had a very fast delivery and has recovered rapidly. Heather is such a strong ewe, it seemed like delivering lambs hardly even phased her! She does a good job of caring for her girls.

Dorcas (black) - 14 lbs.

Diana (white) - 12 lbs. 12 oz.

Heather and Dorcas

Many of our sheep love to eat apples! Apples provide a good source of nutrition for our ewes and rams. Heather especially enjoys this special treat. If fact, she likes apples so much, we joke that she nurses her lambs with apple juice instead of milk!

As a lamb, Heather was raised out on the range; so, when Heather first came to live on our farm, she was wild and afraid of people. After much patience and gentle care by our family, she became a very lovable sheep! When Heather sees us, she comes over and stands next to us, waiting to have her neck rubbed! Oftentimes, when we kneel down to care for one of our other sheep, Heather will lovingly places her head on our shoulder or even on top of our head!

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