Monday, March 14, 2011

Faces of Elizabeth

Elizabeth, one of our white Romney lambs, is a very cute little baby! In order to protect her beautiful white lamb wool, Emily made a baby coat for her to wear. Here she is, all decked out in her new attire! The black lamb in the photos is her twin brother, Easton.

Elizabeth eating hay out of the trough.


Lisa C. said...

Elizabeth is darling! Do you think that she will win the cutest lamb contest this year?
I'm so amazed at how coal black Easton is. It's so fun to see "E.J."s face when I show him Easton's picture. He has the biggest grin on his face!
Emily, congratulations on Elizabeth's coat and your namesake. I'm looking for pictures!

Elizabeth R, said...

Elizabeth is so CUTE!
I love her! The moment my Dad saw her he said "that looks like you"
She is the cutest lamb I have ever seen!!!