Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Update on Cocoa

Cocoa was our first ewe to deliver her lambs this year.  Her children, Ellie and Edgar, are now 36 days old.  A few days ago, Cocoa and her lambs graduated from their pen in the barn and rejoined the flock.

Cocoa kept a sharp eye on her lambs while they took their afternoon rest.

Ellie and Edgar thought the food trough was a nice place for a nap!

By the way, you'll notice Cocoa and her lambs do not look like our Romneys nor our Hampshires ... Cocoa is full-blood Suffolk while the father is a Suffolk-Hampshire cross. 

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stringplayer said...

I think Cocoa had last year's first lamb too. So sweet to see her keeping such a watchful eye on her babies.