Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belvedere's Twins!

Belvedere was our first full-blooded Romney ewe to have her lambs this year. She is one of our smallest mature ewes, but she is very strong! Belvedere had a difficult delivery this time due to both lambs being in the wrong position for a normal birth. Shepherdess Emily was able get the lambs repositioned so they could be born. Although Belvedere was exhausted from the delivery, she cleaned her lambs off and helped them nurse. Belvedere has recovered remarkably fast and she is in good spirits!

Belvedere watches over her two little girls.

Dixie (12lbs. 5 oz.)

Dolly (10lbs. 2 oz.)

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lmtc55 said...

Good job "Belvi"! Great midwifery skills, Emily. I'm thrilled all three are healthy. Lisa