Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Customer Feedback for Belle's Fleece!!

We appreciate feedback from our customers; it helps us improve our product and service for premium coated Romney wool. Here's an excerpt from a happy customer:

"Belle's fleece arrived yesterday! I'm in awe. It is SO GORGEOUS!! Really, it's going to be a joy to process and spin! I've already made plans for what the finished yarn will become! I was so excited when I opened the bag and took my first look at the fleece that I pulled a big lock off and brought it to work with me to admire. It's such a beautiful black with sparkles! While my co-workers don't understand the lure of sheep and wool, they certainly appreciate the finished product when it's spun and knitted! "

"Once again, thanks for allowing me the privilege of buying one of your Romney fleeces, they are superior in every way! "

For pictures of Belle's fleece, see the February 17th post.

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Trish said...

When I look at the photo of Forman, I see a silver grey sheep. I can't understand how his fleece can turn out to be so white! Does the camera lie?