Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ralph McWilliams and a family friend pose for this picture after one of the last sheep was shorn. Our friend had an opportunity to try his hand at shearing. Heather, one of our Hampshire ewes, was his first subject. Under the watchful eye of our professional shearer, our friend proceeded to shear his very first sheep! He did a great job, but proclaimed "that's hard work!"

After the shearing was finished, we all headed inside where a big celebration lunch awaited us. We served homemade chicken soup and chili, sandwiches, chips, and desserts, to the hungry team! We all enjoyed the stories Mr. McWilliams related and the learning lessons he imparted.

Our crew of young men worked diligently in the barn to help keep the shearing process flowing smoothly. We couldn't have done it without their willing assistance!

This little guy helped out with shearing too! 2010 marked his second year to help with the sheep!

As we worked through the 32 fleeces, we were very pleased with the observed quality and the striking colors. We believe you, our friends and customers, will also be pleased with the quality of Grace Valley Farms Romney wool!

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