Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update On Dooley

Dooley is 9 days old and doing great! He weighs almost 23 pounds now! Dooley is sure enjoying life! He loves to run and dance around the barn while his mother, Cocoa, keeps a watchful eye on him.


Some of you may notice Dooley looks quite different than our Romney lambs. Indeed, most of our flock is Romney or Romney cross. Not Dooley, however! He and his mom, Cocoa, are full-blood Suffolk sheep. They come from a line of quality show sheep. Dooley will likely be a 4H lamb!

Cocoa has a growing appetite these days and frequently reminds us of the fact that she is always hungry! It takes a lot of food to make milk for a growing little lamb!

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stringplayer said...

Well I did think his ears were awfully long!