Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shearing Day at Grace Valley Farms!

Shearing Day was on February 4. Our 42 sheep received their annual "hair cut". Here are some of the photos we took during this exciting event!

Our three rams showed off their beautiful wool: Foreman (background), Edison (L), and Brady (R) before shearing.

The ewes patiently waiting in the holding pen for their turn to be sheared.

From the holding pen, a given sheep is placed in the handling system. The coat, which protects its wool, is removed and the sheep is directed down the chute toward the shearer. Betsy waits her turn (top) and Caramel (bottom) shows us her creamy-white locks.

The shearer pulls the next sheep from the chute and places it on its back. Shearing starts with the belly wool and moves up to the neck. Mr. Ralph McWilliams, our shearer, demonstrates his technique with Christina and Edison.


Edison being sheared while Foreman looks on approvingly.

Foreman being sheared.

After the chin wool has been removed, Mr. McWilliams moves around to the wool on the sides and back. The side and back wool is cut in smooth, continuous sweeping motions. The sheep is shorn so the best wool holds together in one unit; this cohesive unit is the fleece.

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